Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dove's Inner Beauty

Dove's New 'Onslaught' advertisement is quickly gaining notoriety on the web and in the ad world. It is a part of their "Campaign for Real Beauty," which focuses on making societal changes in the way we define hotness. It's worthy of a hat tip for continuing the fight against Barbie store boxed beauty in size zero fashion trends and it's ending resembles a hallmark card; furthermore, the photography is stunning.
-- click here to see the video & original article in Advertising Age- 'Onslaught'. The article points out a few hypocrisies surrounding the campaign- namely that Dove has a slew of products targeted towards "outer beauty" and the ad agency,
Ogilvy Toronto also has Barbie as one of their premiere clients.
Get over it. Not everyone is going to be 100% pure in their agendas to better the world when there's a profit to be turned or bills to pay. The bottom line is their spending money on good deeds. It would be like chiding McDonalds for launching their salad and low-carb menu. A step in the right direction is always a good move. Their focus is admirable and I applaud Dove; furthermore the commercial is rad and I like how their soap smells.


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charmingdetractor said...

While I wish I could agree with you green, I still see Dove as painting a rosier picture of their motives than might actually be the case. How can you sell a product like an anti-cellulite cream and then go on and tell people to embrace their bodies? Cmon, people.