Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where's Clive Owen Now?

Call me a dirty hippy if you will but if I wasn't at the office right now I'd be balling. With tissues, not dollars.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is only ONE female Yangtze turtle left on Planet Earth. An 80 year old female who's been living inside the Changsha zoo with all the other turtles is now being kept under tight security within bulletproof glass and constant surveillance. Luckily, scientists have found the last surviving 100 year old male living at a zoo in the city of Suzhou.

In China turtles represent longevity but can these two turtles stand the test to China's rampant development, pollution run off, and uncontrolled hunting that is endangering all wild species?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the situation in China is grim.
-Almost 40 per cent of all mammal species in China are endangered
- 70 per cent of all non-flowering plant species and 86 per cent of flowering species are considered threatened.
And according to the New York Times, China has already lost half of its wetlands.

Pour some out for the Yangtze, unless Clive Owen comes running to the rescue.

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