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Corporate Award Winners
Entergy Corporation
HSBC Holdings, plc
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Red Dot Corporation
Staples, Inc.
The Yalumba Wine Company

Team & NGO Award Winners
Arkema Climate Protection Team
Climate Protection Campaign
Improved Mobile Air Conditioning Servicing Emissions Reduction Team
Joint Strike Fighter Emissions Test Development Team
Natural Resources Council of Maine

Individual Award Winners
Reverend Sally Bingham
Robert Parkhurst
Robert Redford
Auden Schendler
Ron Sims
Dadi Zhou


Corporate, Government & Military Awards
Arizona Public Service Company
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
DENSO Corporation (Japan)
IBM Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The United States Air Force
Yokota Tohoku (Japan)

Susan J. Brown, California Energy Commission
Gregory J. Nickels, City of Seattle, Washington
Barry G. Rabe, University of Michigan

Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide
Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (Australia)


Corporate and Governmental Awards
American Electric Power
of Boulder, Colorado
The California Energy Commission
Cinergy Corp.
Connecticut Governor's Steering Committee
Johnson Controls
McDonald's, Coca-Cola, & Unilever Refrigerants Naturally Partnership (UK and USA)
Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Stakeholders
of Syracuse, New York
United Technologies Corporation
York International

Mr. Sandeep Ganesh, Winrock International (India)
Ms. Sonia Hamel, Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development
Dr. Hideki Nishida, Hitachi Displays (Japan)

Improved Mobile Air Conditioning Organizing Team
Tufts Climate Initiative


Corporate and Governmental Awards
Interface, Inc.
Turbocor, Inc. (Canada)
China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products (China)
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
City of San Diego, California
City and County of San Francisco, California
European Commission Fluorinated GasTeam (Belgium)

Mayor David B. Cohen of Newton, Massachusetts
Harry Kauffman, HK Energy Consulting Inc.
Julia Martinez, Instituto Nacional de Ecología (Mexico)

Electrical Inverter Air Conditioning System Team (Japan)
SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership for theMagnesium Industry and The International Magnesium Association


Corporate and Governmental Awards
Center for Power Efficiency and Environmental Protection (India)
Chicago Department of Environment
China National Institute of Standardization (China)
City of Chula Vista, California
Emerald Homes
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
City of Seattle, Washington

Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson of Salt Lake City, Utah
Dr. Seunghun Joh, Korea Environment Institute (South Korea)
David Konkle, Ann Arbor Energy Office

Association and Organization Awards
Green House Network
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
The Society of Automotive Engineers
Interior Climate Control Standards Committee


Corporate & Governmental Awards
Air Products and Chemicals
City of Portland, Oregon
C2D, US Army CECOM RD&E Center
Hitachi (Japan) and Hitachi America
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection /DSRT Office of Innovative Technology
Ontario Power Generation’s Energy Efficiency Program (Canada)
Shaklee Corporation
Verizon Communications

Association, Partnership, and Team Awards
CO2 Hot Water Supply Unit
Design Team (Japan)
International SEMATECH’s PFC Emission
Reduction Working Group
Land and Water Fund of the Rockies
Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partnership for PFC Reductions

Dr. Fabio R. Borri, ST Microelectronics (Italy)
Dr. Luis Abdón Cifuentes, Pontifica Universidad Catolica (Chile)
Yoshinobu Hayakawa, NEC Corporation (Japan)
Rev. Richard L. Killmer, National Council of the Churches of Christ
Robert L. Markle, U.S. Coast Guard
Robert T. Wickham, Delegate, UN International Maritime Organization


No awards were given in 2001 due to a scheduling change.


Corporate & Governmental Awards
Alcan Aluminum Sebree Ingot Plant
Architectural Services Department, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The AT&T Employee Telework Program
Honda Motor Company
ICE Klea (UK)
Intel Corporation
International Fuel Cells
Novellus Systems
Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council and Oregon Office of Energy
Visteon Corporation

Ms. Sherri W. Goodman, U.S. Department of Defense
Dr. Jerry Mahlman, U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Mayor Marc H. Morial, New Orleans
Ms. Tia Nelson, The Nature Conservancy
Mr. Nobuo Odubo, Nissan Motor Company
Dr. Robert T. Watson, The World Bank

Association Awards
American Portland Cement Alliance
The Real Estate Roundtable
of Colorado Environmental Center


Corporate & Military Awards
Annapolis Detachment of the Carderock Division, U.S. Navy
Applied Materials
Nissan (Japan)
ST Microelectronics (Switzerland)
Texas Industries

Rosina M. Bierbaum, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Dr. Mack McFarland, U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Eugene L. Smithart, The Trane Company

Association Awards
The Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association


Corporate & Military Awards
British Petroleum (UK)
Centro Nacional de Referencia em Biomassa (Brazil)
Compaq Computer Corporation
IBM Corporation
McDonald’s Corporation
NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory Climate Team
Royal Philips Electronics (Netherlands)
Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Australia)
Toyota Motor Corporation(Japan)
The Trane Company
Trigen Energy Corporation
DD 963/CG 47 Stern Flap R&D Team, NSWCCD, U.S. Navy
The Walt Disney Company
Whirlpool Corporation

Bert Bolin, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Sweden)
John Browne, British Petroleum (UK)

Association Awards
China Energy Efficiency Project (China)
World Semiconductor Council (Global)

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