Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Spoon Full of....

Well, pig urine may not help the medicine go down as they say, but according to Agroplast, a Denmark based company that boasts creative technological advancements for a cleaner and efficient environment, it could be the next big ingredient in creating plastic cutlery.

Agroplast specializes in transforming animal manure into a valuable product, eliminating the potential environmental problems. Their closed loop system processes urea, an organic compound made carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen for a wide range of uses.

Agroplast uses urea in the following ways:
-to manufacture plastic (as an alternative to fossil products)
-animal fertilizer/compost
-to de-ice roads and airplanes
-flavor enhancer in cigarettes (!! you're smoking pig urine!!)
-as an ingredient in hair conditioners, lotions and raw glue material
-AgroBlue/AdGreen diesel engine exhaust cleaner

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